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Current Lab members

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Institut de Systématique, Evolution et Biodiversité
Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle - CP50
45 rue Buffon
75005 PARIS

Vincent Debat
Associate professor (MNHN)
+33 (0) 1 40 79 30 54

Main collaborations

Violaine Llaurens
Raphaël Cornette
Ramiro Godoy-DIana
Florian Muijres
Patrick Blandin
Frédérique Peronnet
Patricia Gibert
Nicolas Navarro
Yoland Savriama
Sylvain Gerber
Joséphine Ledamoisel
PhD student
Evolution of colour and vision in Morpho butterflies

Raphaël Dupillier
PhD student
Coevolution of escape flight and iridescence in Morpho butterflies

Léa Luna
Master student
Evolution of wing shape in Charaxes butterflies


Ariane Chotard (2019-2022)
PhD student
Evolution of tails in papilionidae

Camille Laurain (2022)
Master student
Analysis of flight in Iphiclides podalirius

Julien Devilliers (2021)
Master student
Evolution of iridescence in Morpho buitterflies
Now a PhD student a-t the U. of Leicester

Camille Le Roy (2016-2020)
PhD student
Evolution of flight in Morpho butterflies
Now a post-doc with F. Muijres at Wageningen Univ.

Nicola Silva (2019)
M2 student

Kinematics of flapping flight in Morphos
Now PhD student in Cefe CNRS

Samuel Charberet (2019)
M1 student
Morpho flight in captivity and nature

Ceferino Varon-Gonzalez (2017-2019)
Evolution of ovipositor shape in D. suzukii

Andres Mesas  (2018)
PhD student
Wing asymmetry and flight in Drosophila

Brieuc Pillorget (2018)
M1 student

Evolution of scale shape in Morpho

Antoine Fraimout (2013-2016)
PhD student
Evolution of Drosophila suzukii throughout its worldwide invasion
Now postdoc at Marbec (Montpellier)

Silvère Jarosson (2016)
M2 student (UPMC)
Evolution of eyespot color patterns in Morpho butterflies

Pauline Jacquemart (2015)
M2 student (U Amiens)
Thermal plasticity and flight performances in D. suzukiii

Clara Hozer (2015)
Elève agro
Wing shape and flight in Morpho butterflies

David Aponte (2014)
M2 Student (U Florida - Houle Lab)
Asymmetry and flight in D. melanogaster

Bruno Villaroel (2014)
M1 student (MNHN - Antony Herrel)

Plasticity and flight in D suzukii

Stephen Panara (2013)
M2 student
Evolution of  wing shape in Morpho butterflies

Nicolas Zilbermann (2013)
M1 student
Intraspecific variation of wing color and shape in Morpho helenor

Nelly A. Gidaszewski (2011-13)

Macro evolution and phenotypic plasticity in the melanogaster subgroup

Léa Blondel (2012)
L3 student
Evolution of Drosophila suzukii in Europe

Gauthier Tremolet (2011)
M1 student 
Phenotypic plasticity of wing cell size and number in the melanogaster subgroup

Aurélie Matrot (2011)
 M1 student 
Phenotypic plasticity of wing cell size and number in geographic populations of Drosphila simulans and melanogaster

Allan Debelle (2008)
M2 student 
Joint effects of temperature and mutations on drosophila wing

David Soulet (2007)
Lab technician 


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